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When somebody who does something wrong turns the table and acts angry towards the person confronting them.
Angry person: "Why did you eat my chocolate candy bar?"

Anger flip person: "Why did you leave it out, you know I can't resist chocolate? That was so inconsiderate of you!!!"
#angry flip #anger flip #anger flip flop #amgry flip-flop #booma-anger
by Nigel316 July 07, 2013
When you confront somebody who has disrespected/wronged you in some way and instead of being apologetic they act angry.
Victim: "Ouch! Why did you step on my foot?"

Anger-flipper: "Why was your foot there!? How about giving me some freaking space, asshole!"
#angry flip flop #angry flip #anger flip flop #mad flip #mad flip flop
by Nigel333 July 18, 2013
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