Angeline is HOT and drives me wild in the sack.
Angeline likes to get her freak on every day of the week.
by Meghan6969 March 01, 2008
Top Definition
A totally cool awesome girl who everyone thinks is blonde but secretly, is not. She's usually a stunner in face and body but it's her amazing humor and wittiness that completely wins guys over.

This girl ain't a quitter, is sneaky when she needs to be in order to get things done. Mischief suits her well. And can she fight with the fists and the words! Angeline will get bogged down in life by bozos who associate her with that ho-bag Jolie and her United Nations gypsy pack and even the billboard blond who butchers the spelling as Angelyne.

The best advice to give a Angeline is: Take it all in stride, because you'll eventually surpass them all. No foolin'.
guy #1: Damn that girl is fly!

guy #2: That's 'cause she's Angeline

guy #1: Ooh I'm gonna get me a piece of Angelina

guy #2: (irritated) Dude theres no "uh" at the end

guy #1: Whatever she's so pretty I'ma call her Angel

guy #2: (SUPER PISSED) Why the fuck would you do that when her name is Angeline?! Don't fuckin' shorten it! Ugh you're such a fuckface

Angeline: Yeah you're a fuckface
by TheAvengingUnicorn March 06, 2010
A short girl but has lots to say than you can ever imagine. Although she is shy at first but when you get to know her you'll have great memories with her. Angeline can be known as an Asian for her grades. She stays up at night daydreaming about things she wished could happened. She has the most amazing friends , if you're one of them you should be grateful. Angeline is very unique. If you were to play a quite game with her Angeline would be the first one to lose because she is always laughing. I think my favorite thing about Angeline is that she is always laughing, I find that adorable. If you ever run into Angeline be sure to smile at her.
Hey where is Angeline.

Angeline stop laughing.
by Joyline February 23, 2014
a wonderful person who isn't a numpty!
hey im gonna be an angeline today cause im cool!
by rawrrrrrrr February 17, 2008
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