Andy is a name for a hairy 17 year old boy. He works out too much and does not usually comb his hair. He hangs out with guys and loves to paintball. You can find Andy in his gym, at school, on his computer, or at a paintball field.
Andy is any large hairy armenian that loves paintball you know.
by he is chubaka :P March 19, 2008
a bad-ass mother fucker who is fat and uncool and thinks all girls like him which they dont they all feel awkward around him and they think he really stinks and he does.
he smells like shit, oh thats right he is andy.
by dingers May 23, 2009
He likes it up the butt mostly. Or in his mouth. Either way, he's gay.
Oh man, look at that guy in the naked man pile, he must be an Andy."
by slurpynone July 11, 2008
i certain person in palm beach county that mainly hangs out with haitians talks creo and acts like the popo.
andy" sak pase Cheri suse zozo ( i don't know what i be taking bout. )
by zozo SAN TE sak pase sheree ha September 22, 2008
1. An extremely stuck up or snotty person.

2. A prick

3. One who gives someone else a nelson.

(see cum guzzler, butt slut, or prick
He's such an Andy! He ran in his room and locked it behind him! Now he's writing a blog about politics!
by a;ldkgh February 09, 2008
a boy who goes to high school and who is stupid.
a boy who loves koreans and loves G's
if you want to find him, he eats lunch in grad hall.
omg!! he's such an andy wannabe!
by zeet November 10, 2006
another word for "matt damon" or "stupid cunt"
Doctor: I'm sorry son, you are officially a retard.
Andy: Whaaaaat?
by tabstits9 May 14, 2008

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