You know that feeling when you're driving fast with the top down and the wind is blowing through your hair, you've got your favorite tunes on, the sun is shining bright trying to penetrate your shades, and you smell the ocean closeby?......that feeling of supreme bliss is called nothing other than, Andy. He's the moon and the stars....he's fresh cut grass on spring mornings...his voice rings true like waves crashing upon the beach..He's got a sparkle in his eye...Devistatingly handsome...He's simply the best of everything you can imagine. He's a dudes dude and a ladies man ~ everyone loves him. When he looks at you feel like you can hardly might even forget your own name. When he's far you feel like there's a hole in your chest.....but when you REALLY stop to think about it, you SMILE HUGE because he's the sun, brightening everything in your path and making way for happy days ahead! Best Hugs EVER???? You'll find them with an Andy.
You'll NEVER be anything like an Andy, but Nice try!!

Andy would never let that drink go to waste!!
by AYank January 04, 2012
to have relations with a woman and swiftly lock her out after the deed is finished.
yeah, it's a shame she won't be back cause of the andy he pulled.
by d.ray. November 19, 2010
Fat fuck
Your a god damn Andy!
by Superbigdick8012469 January 04, 2016
Andy is one known to be uncivilized in public and somewhat childish. He alone has many flaws, one including, failing to impress the female specimens.
OMG dude stop it your being such an andy right now. its embarrassing to even be around you.
by desecashews September 27, 2015
See the definition of fuckboy
Andy is a fuckboy
by ghostpussy July 15, 2015
Andy is a boss ass guy who don't need none of your support. He is bisexual, but prefers to have gay sex followed by a gang bang. He is unathletic, but suddenly when put in a sport situation, becomes the best player. The word Andy also comes from the Dutch root Aídñc, meaning long term orgasm.
1. Bro, that dude is such an Andy. He wanted me but then after he hooked up with those girls.
by NDAWG18 March 09, 2015
An skinny ass Chinese guy who is into cars, drives an RSX, and is obsessed with swapping motors. He is a quiet guy if you don't know him, but cool to be around when you do! He sacrifices a lot for love, energetic, nice, and caring. Kind of on the frugal side.
by amazinracincracin February 04, 2010
A no life little boy who won't talk crap in person, only on social media. He is also thirsty for drama and likes to make irrelevant comments about perfect girls.
Andy is a pinto.
by Mmt53 May 09, 2015
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