Ugliest composer on Earth!
"Andrew Lloyd Webber, you're filthy rich.
Pay to get your face rectified or wear a paper bag over your head!"
#andrew lloyd webber #hideous #monster #ugly #composer
by ChooseRedBull May 16, 2010
Top Definition
A well known composer who has composed the scores for many Broadway musicals such as: Phantom of the opera, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cats, Evita, and many others.
Phan 1: "Hey, what do you think of Andrew Lloyd Webber?"
Phan 2: "OMG he rox!"
#phan #phantom of the opera #evita #omg #joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat #cats
by PhantomPhan December 30, 2005
The most kick-ass composer ever.
Andrew Lloyd Webber composed the scores for many musicals!
by Kendikins July 26, 2005
Composer.His music is creepy. Andrew Lloyd Webber is creepy.
Also, he looks crazy. See: paedophile
"Holy shit, Andrew Lloyd Webber is creepy"
"I know! He so totally molested my son"
"Dude, that's wrong"
"Yuh I know, what a creep"
#creep #weird #paedophile #anus licker #molestation #composer
by Faux-faux May 07, 2006
The WORST composer ever. His tunes are simple and repetitive and very bad.
"So, have you heard about that new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical"
"Yeah, supposedly it's really bad."
"What else is new."
#bad music #repetitve themes #synthesized #tourist traps #over-blown
by musicaltheaterfan October 11, 2005
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