Anderson Lane is a Post-Hardcore band originating from North Haverhill, NH.

David Peart- vocals, guitar
Michael McNamara- guitar
Joshua Peart-bass, vocals
Dylan Frazier- drums, death growl
"Yo dude, did you hear that band tearing up that show last night?"
"Yeah man, that was Anderson Lane!"
by ALfan October 03, 2011
Top Definition
Coming from the state of New Hampshire, this group of guys is a force to be reckoned with. With artistic guitar work by their two guitarists; MS and Dave Peart, backed by the assaulting beat on the drums by D.Frazier, nothing will stand in Anderson Lane’s way on their journey to recognition.

Dave Peart-Guitar
Josh Peart-Keyboards
Mike Heintz-Bass
Dude did you go to the dance?
Ya and Anderson Lane was there
by Hoodsville October 28, 2009
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