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Andelyn is one of the most amazing girls in the world. If you are lucky enough to know her then you realize how much of a blessing she is just by being a part of your life. She is absolutely incredible. She is smart, funny, kind, caring, and always sassy. Her sassiness is ok because you learn to get used to it over time. Andelyn is so beautiful that no matter how often you see her she will still take your breath away eveytime. If you have Andelyn in your life never let her leave because you will always look back on that day as the biggest mistake you have ever made. She may be insecure about her smile, but it is the most amazing smile you have ever seen. She could light up an entire town with it. To sum it all up, you should cherish every moment you get to spend with Andelyn because she is the bees knees.
Wow, did you just see Andelyn smile? She is by far the coolest girl I know.
by fkofkmdofmpfmew0f09jf November 07, 2011
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