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Anarcee: (Anne-are-see) "It did not originate from the word Anarchy, but has the same idea."
An Anarcee is the method of hacking small business networks, to pull off an Anarcee you must know the common concept of CLI (Command Line Interface), the Anarcee CLI is extremely similar to 'Ms-Dos'. While those little bastards can complete an Anarcee from scratch, other newer members pay for assistance, paying to use websites like,, And in hope to pull off a successful Anarcee. This method is popular because it can help someone financial, it is also very Illegal. Overall this slang word is most commonly used in certain advanced hacking communities.
Andy: "Hey! Those assholes shut my business down! How are we supposed to get subscribers when my servers are down?"
Robby: "Their is no reasonable explanation! The only way is if they pulled off an Anarcee!"
Andy: "Nope."
by Andy Kindersniff October 01, 2011
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