Hick ass town in eastern Iowa with a population of only 6,000. Lots of cornfields and lame wanna-be gangsta guys.
I live in Anamosa
by amaberry December 10, 2010
Top Definition
Gayest town in Iowa. Shitty teachers and schools. Retarded asswipe of a middle school princiNOTSOpal comes with it. Cornfields. lack of hot guys. Guys that think they're G and they are not G. Annoying backround noise playing on Main Street. Lots of white trash and dirties. The few cool and attractive people are also bitchy as fuck. Yay for Anamosa. 6,000 members of our village.
Did you pick up that cowboy hat and nasty fragrance in Anamosa?
Yeah man, I had to go see my cousins. :/
by biggnuttsack2015 March 26, 2011
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