The rupturing of the colon caused by wayyyyy to much butt-fucking. It usually results from several extended, rough, savage anal encounters
God, my anal leakage is really acting up after my stay in the joint.
by ljas December 09, 2005
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The unexpected or unwanted oozing, seeping, or dripping of foul-smelling substances from a tightly clenched anus. Such substances may have been produced by the body attached to the anus or may have been introduced by another body unattached to the aforementioned anus. Such seepage may also be accompanied by an expulsion of gas (see also shart).
Pam's anal leakage smelled worse than Elizabeth New Jersy and really wrecked that dinner with her boyfriend.
by binkboy February 07, 2006
When you've just had a really wet shit, and shit-juice starts leaking down your leg
"Hey Jimmy what's on your leg?"
"Just some anal leakage"
by Layoffthechesthair October 06, 2011
Anal leakage is when your ass tells the press, secrets that the President didn't want made public!
In the news today, a stunning example of anal leakage. The anus of a Whitehouse aid told reporters that the President likes cheap 1 ply toilet paper and cheaper interns.
by Thatguyyouknow March 15, 2006
when ur anal leaks from getting plowed in the ass to hard or u r bleeding
anal leakage, butt leak, bleeding butt
by mini-mayhem November 30, 2010
when you have fluids semen, water or other liquids flowing out of the anus
Austin Derby: i have to have a glass of anal leakage every morning to wake me up
Cody Reed:.....
by table pounder October 02, 2011
When ur ass leaks, u pretty much crap all over the inside of ur underwear and pants. Its also really messy and is incredibly uncomfortable.
Greg had some bad anal leakage, and he stunk up the whole room. He looked like he was about to cry. His pants were wet in the back and it was disgustingly gross.
by Schmidty0 August 22, 2005
when you are trying really hard not to shit all over yourself, but a little ends up coming out and then BAM!! you end ups shitting everywhere as it all runs down your leg. Usually results in uncleanable pants and underwear.
--man, last night i had to shit so bad that i had anal leakage everywhere.
--that suks man.
--i know. and it was in front of my girlfriend too! shes not my girlfriend anymore...
by AlwaysBord April 09, 2007

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