when you just can't see your ass doing something...
He called in with a case of anal glaucoma--said he just couldn't see his ass getting out of bed and coming in to work.
by Sick Monkey April 25, 2006
Top Definition
Anal Glaucoma is more like an excuse to get out of work.
boss: hello boss here
employee: yeah i need to call off work today
boss: why?
employee: I have anal glaucoma.
boss:what the heck is that?
employee: i just cant see my ass coming to work today!
by kristi ashe April 26, 2005
another word for taking a sick day from work or school when you really aren't sick
I called work and took an anal-glaucoma day. I'm still hung over from last night.

I took an anal-glaucoma day from school. I just could not see my ass anywhere but home today.
by Raina Thomas September 04, 2007
Affliction that often affects the chronically disinterested and unmotivated.
T-roy looked at the clock and made the statement to the rest of the group at the meeting, "I'm rapidly developing an affliction of anal glaucoma. I just can't see my ass sitting here listening to you folks one more minute."
by G Lo August 16, 2004
a false forseen condition typically used as an excuse for a sick day
Tom: hey boss Ive got analglaucoma
boss: what is that? are you ok?
Tom : I am ok but I can see my ass wont be at work tomorrow
by 2EYEFISHCLAW October 20, 2006
You can't see your ass coming to work today.
Reason used as an excuse when a person does not want to go to work.
My co-worker claimed Anal Glaucoma. When I asked what it was, someone said, "He couldn't see his ass coming to work today."
by Colombian English Teacher October 22, 2009
too lazy to go to work
boss; why wern't you at work today?
employee: because i just couldn't see my ass coming in to work today
by hegmo March 20, 2004
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