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Definition 1: Anal curd is the natural lubricant your body forms upon excretion of faeces. It is usually yellow in colour and slightly transparent. Often you will find the remnants of anal curd on your tissue after you wipe your bottom. (Usually occurs after a spicy or difficult excretion).

Definition 2: Anal curd is when you have either sharted (you went to fart and you s**t a little) or you haven't wiped your bottom properly and the remnants of the previous defecation is still between your bum cheeks. Whilst walking about and doing your daily chores, your cheeks naturally rub together, thereby turning the excrement into a fecal paste.
Example 1:
" I had a spicy s**t today and there was a bit of anal curd on the end of it."

Example 2:
"I'm not giving my mom these boxers to wash- there's a bit of anal curd in them"
by Papsalot January 11, 2010
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