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(pronounced like the name, Anna)
The shortened term of the word Anorexic or Anorexia.

Many people who use this word mostly use it in their writing or screen names. Like a secret way to say anorexic/anorexia without actually saying it.
example A:
Dear diary,
Oh my God, i just checked my weight and i haven't lost a pound since last week! I feel so fat and ugly! I'm so going ana!

example B:

Cindy: "Hey Steph! I heard you just got AIM. What's your screen name?"
Steph: "It's TragicAna123"
Cindy: {long pause) "umm...Cool"

**the screen name displayed above was made up off the top of my head so just in case you're a nosy dumbass and decide to IM the screen name..you'll look really retarded (to be honest, i don't even know if it's a real SN)**
by Jomairy August 09, 2005