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Continuity break in taking Amphetamines.....Slang: Temporary stop in regiment to get rid of the jittery, nervous side effects

Reason/Use : Medication used for ADD, ADHD, etc. to stabilize an individual with concentration or control behavior problems (predominately in children). In adults, a legit reason for giving the body relief from continuous stimulation of the heart, lungs, etc......Years of steady use of amphetamines take a toll on the body. Including, as severe as sudden death as a possible side effect....Although known for addiction and recreational use. The body does not maintain activity of amphetamines in the blood stream after 18-36 hours of ingestion. So, it can be stopped for individuals, who need a break from it. Hence, little or no addictive effect.
Question : "Hey Doug, I'm grateful for the control of my ADD, due to using amphetamines. But, this jittery, nervous effect it has is a nuisance. What do you do to get a break from it?"

Reply :"Greg, take a AMPHETAMINE HOLIDAY. Going off of it for a few days, will take off the edge. Will pose no harm as well, 1 or 2 days will give you a break.
by WearyMedTaker01 March 06, 2013
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