A revolting pig-like animal that smells of sewers.
Amiee: Hello
Person: Uch, you stink of sewers.
by Owen Blundell January 04, 2012
Top Definition
American/European traditional name derived from the Latin word amâta, meaning "Beloved." This name usually represents a bubbly blond beautiful beauty full of passion, ambition and love.
I love my Amiee
by Tonie Bennettez January 08, 2009
Amiee is beautiful and kind. Loved by a few and hated by most who her presence.

She prefers to stay with someone for a long time because she is loyal but she doesn't fall in love easily because it can be guaranteed she has felt heartbreak before so be gentle with her. A lot of the girls are jealous of the boys she knows and whom she has bonded with and it adds a slight amount of envy to the name.

Amiee is a most likely to be a bubbly and funny person who is most likely to be day dreaming all the time! She isn't close to many people but she is a true friend. She is known as a bitch but is intellectual and adds colour to any dull patch in your life.
"God damn it Amiee - you're such a bitch"
"Thanks for doing that Amiee I appreciate it"
by Jennifer May March 25, 2013
1.A weeaboo girl who is a tomboy.Loves to draw and play video games.Her mood changes dramatically over one sentence.

2.A sweet girl who is crazy hyper when given sugar.
friend 1:Damn that Amiee needs to be more
girl like.

friend 2:Yea she belches like a man...

by Natlie Ross January 08, 2009
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