The United States of what-the-fuck-ever!
A country that's becoming increasingly more and more backwards and communist,showing a complete disrespect for it's citizens and their rights or even their basic human rights.
America?...more like Amexica!
see also backwards , corrupt , etc.
by o_O September 11, 2005
Top Definition
Term given to our Future America because of the influx of Mexicans entering the country without assimilating.

America losing its identity.
Hey Raul, lets jump the fence so we can wash dishes at Applebee's. Who need's English, essay?
by True American March 20, 2004
Formerly The United States of America.Now a shitty,third-world country.
Amexica sucks ass and licks balls.Dude,this is fuckin weak!
by Fucked with a capital F September 01, 2005
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