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American Mans for Manliness is an organization of manly men, who partake in and organize manly activities. These activities include going on long and pointless treks to dangerous areas, smoking cigars, drinking scotch and other manly drinks, working on automobiles, fishing, and hunting. These trips are referred to as MANventures by the members of A.M.M. (see "MANventure" for a longer definition) Cars hold an honorary role, and are referred to as "Steeds." Said automobiles must have over 100,000 miles, must be of American origin, have a girl's name as a nickname, must be modified from stock in some way, and must have participated in an officially certified MANventure.
The Dos Equis guy tried to get into American Mans for Manliness (A.M.M.), but couldn't, because he wasn't manly enough.
by Darla's Driver August 13, 2012

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