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(Noun) Another term made up by some douchebag who finds it necessary to bash America. Apparently all other countries are infallible, and Americans are always wrong... This term (and its creator) apparently assumes the educated majority is right . Clearly an example of bullshit
Person 1: "The Bush Administration had nothing to do with plotting 9/11."

Person 2: "Idiot - you have an America Complex! CLEARLY Bush and Osama Bin Laden are good friends (they grew up together, duh!) and from a young age they wanted to kill innocent Americans together."

by A Sane Person January 03, 2008
A potent brand of stubbornness that causes ignorant people to believe they are right, regardless of:

A. Logic and reason.
B. Overwhelming facts.
C. The majority's educated opinion.

Sufferers of the America(n) Complex believe that rather than being the single person who is wrong, everyone else must be wrong. They often feel that others are inferior for not having realized what their delusions have characterized as sensible.
Many examples of the America Complex are appropriately found in daily American culture and teachings:

"Christopher Columbus discovered America."

"The Wright Brothers were first to fly a plane."

"Global warming is a myth."

"Socialism is like Communism."

"The Bush Administration had nothing to do with plotting 9/11. Power does not corrupt. No one in our government would kill for power."
by Josh Lizarraga August 22, 2007

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