An ambulance.
"Ambalamps. Call 'dem"
by Houndstooth Saturdaynights February 17, 2010
Ambulance for colored people in an urban area.
"Shaneekwa bring ambalamps"! "Say it again Pinky....oh what the fuck?? Im fenna call ambalamps".
by Jdubbbb247 February 21, 2010
Slang for ambulance, particularly for use by those who speak English casually, or with troubling precision (bless their hearts).
I'm hurt; I need a ambalamps. (nb. the incorrect article 'a', consistent with casual use of English).
by barronds February 26, 2010
contrary to what many believe, ambalamps are big-ass oompa loompas.

when someone wants to call the ambalamps... he means serious shit!
B: aahhh get ooff mee have meeercy!

EBM: he hit me! It was self-defense! *trucks away*

B: bring the.... bring the ambalamps!
by 0kills February 24, 2010

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