A hot girl who's the envy of all of her friends. Stylish and always keeps up with the latest trends. Doesn't take shit from anyone. Every girl wishes they could take her place.

Every guy wishes they could get with her but they know thats not going to happen.

Knows how to have fun and loves to party and drink

Popular, slightly stuck up, loyal, party animal
Aimee- "I hate going out in public with Amara, she's so pretty I look gross next to her"
Lacey- "I know, I wish I was an Amara , her life is so good:("
by erincaerter2121 January 13, 2012
Top Definition
Amara is a Greek name meaning eternal. About 98% of people mispronounce and misspell it.

Girls typically named Amara are awesome, kind and wicked cool. Plus, their iPod's tend to win at life.

Amara is also the name of a genus of beetle, software technology and an X-Man.
Amara's iPod is so awesome and has the weirdest stuff on it.
by londonplease March 20, 2009
a unique and artistic awesome girl. she is strong and stands up for what she believes in. she is extremely independent and is a real catch. she truly is one in a million and she has an awesome sense of fashion that is completely her own. she has a natural born beauty and is graceful. awesome taste in music and knows how to have fun but she does have her blonde moments. often times has difficulties with driving to new places with out getting lost, this tends to create an exciting adventure. (gps not working)
boy: "woah did you see that girl?"
boy2: "mmmhmm id like to make some sweet music with that girl!"
Amara: " oh no you didnt! not a chance boys!"
by fedmsb April 02, 2011
The most remarkable girl you could ever know. Within a few weeks, you'll feel crazy because you will love her so much. She is so well rounded, and her selflessness is like no other. Some say that she is one in a million, but those closer to her would say she's one in a billion. She is so smart, she excells in school, but still likes to show her "bad side" once in a while. She is the only girl that you could talk to all night, disregarding the consequences you'll suffer the next day at school. No one is as forgiving and trusting as she is. She is a truely remarkable girl who doesn't know her own beauty like I do.
Girl: "Hey, do you want to come over to my party for some Yagerbombs?"
Boy: "No, I'll pass. I'm going to stay home and hang out with Amara, my Yagerbomb tonight."
Girl: "Haha. Oh yeah, I forgot you're whipped. Have fun!"
by Chasing Cars February 20, 2012
A wonderful girl who is very kind. She will always be there for you. Shes not afraid to speak her mind. She will stand up for what she believes in, Even if nobody else agrees. She is beautiful, And truly unique. She can be wild, Crazy, and fun, but still cares about her school work! She makes friends very easily. She is a one in a million friend! Amaras' are usually quite energetic, Yet is great at listening to other people's problems.
"Dude, did you see Amara today?"
"Yeah man, she's lookin' better than ever!"
by monster jello January 19, 2012
Someone who is will be there for you no matter what. She is someone who will stay up with you at 4am talking about how your dog died. Amara is someone who cares her selflessness in unbelievable. Even if you've done something terrible to an Amara chances are they will forgive and will keep forgiving you each time you do something wrong until she notices how much of an idiot she is. But just because Amara cares a lot of others does not mean she doesn't have her own problems. She does. She may never tell you she likes to keep her thoughts deep inside her soul. This doesn't me she doesn't want you to try and help her. She does. Amara's are very deep people they have someone very deep thought but will never show it. They can be completely depressed on the inside and never show it on the outside.
Amara is someone who cares more for others than herself.
by Steve Doveson February 14, 2015
Amara describes two girls who are close friends and extremely sexy, but don't look similar to each other in someways, so you cannot help but fall in love with both of them.
Friend One: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are both gorgeous teenage celebrities.

Friend Two: They are some sexy amaras
1: Oh yeah... even ones blonde & white and they others latino but they're both totally sexy.

2: I love them both for their differences.
by BananaLover82 May 16, 2011
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