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a woman who doesn't take shit from anyone, even her own parents. She does things her way when she wants where she wants how she wants with who she wants
i love lucy's attitude. it's an amanda attitude.
by millamobradley April 21, 2008
6715 5809
A girl who is very sweet and friendly. These are the ones who like guys but they kinda don't pay attention until they are older. The guys end up liking them only to figure out that they have outgrown their crush on them.
Guy #1: Yeah, I like Amanda.
Guy #2: Yeah, did you hear she's going out with Greg?
Guy #1: Dammit!
by The Lone Guitarist November 03, 2008
178 168
Amanda is that girl that you let go away. She is that girl that brought you more happiness than you could expect from a person. But she spoiled you, and you took it for granted. And now you miss her; you know you do. But she's happier now without you, and all you can do now is be happy for her.
I'd give anything to be able to see Amanda again.
by eightseventeen February 10, 2011
131 122
The most amazing name for the most amazing and perfect girl on the planet. Perfect in every way. She will impress every guy any where she goes. With a perfect body and sparkling eyes she is hard to miss. Anyone to meet an Amanda should consider themselves one of the luckiest people ever. With out Amanda's, this world would be nothing. An Amanda will brighten peoples lives and make everyday feel so surreal. When with an Amanda you may lose all sense of reality and will be completely swept away. You get really attached and never want to let her go. Everyday with an Amanda, is an amazing one. Never, ever, let one go.
"Oh look at that perfect girl over there"
"Oh dayum, she must be an Amanda"

"I wish I could be like an Amanda"
by Go4thego September 01, 2012
14 6
Amanda's are usually very emotional. The littlest thing can make their moods change drastically. It's like they're always on their periods c; This type of girl is usually outgoing and sporty. She isn't afraid to be herself which makes it hard for boys not to like her. She isn't the best singer usually but does it anyway. Amanda's pick up on sports and instrument drills quickly. They are very impressive people. They are good actors and photographers. They can come up with anything on the spot. Alot of Amanda's have red hair. Some even have freckles. Most likely every Amanda you meet will be beautiful. Stunning. Never let an Amanda go <33
"Did you see Amanda? She looks good."
by ShhhhhPandas November 06, 2012
12 5
Amandas are beautiful girls with a perfect body and breath-taking eyes, wonderful personalities too, except they can be short-tempered. They are loving, generous, sensitive, kind, and gentle people. An Amanda can usually light up your day just with her smile and grace.
I wish I was an Amanda ):
by ilikecatswhaddaboutu April 16, 2012
11 4
Awesome gorgeous smart funny thin woman.
Amanda is so cool right
cool! =]
by hahahahaha1549 April 19, 2009
169 163
Amanda's are quick witted, versatile and changeable. Amanda's tend to be friendly, gorgeous and very nieve. Amanda's see all the good in people, but tend to overlook the bad. Amanda's live to make the world a better place.
You wish you could be Amanda

Community service or helping a friend is such an Amanda thing to do.
by amanda parisian December 31, 2008
942 936