Once a beautiful and talented girl who was a role model to millions of kids. Now a drug addict who has a habit of calling everyone Ugly and tweets strange tweets and even stranger selfies. Many say she has multiple personality disorder while others claim it's just a publicity stunt.
What happend to Amanda Bynes?
by stardos June 30, 2013
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A cute, sweet, and moderately funny girl.
Friend: "Did you see Big Fat Liar?"
Me: "Yeah..Amanda Bynes didn't suck."
by Jesa_gurl. October 14, 2006
one of the only nickelodean stars who hasn't had an eating disorder, been arrested or had a pregnancy scare.
amanda bynes is pretty funny in She's the Man.
by icankickyourmotherfuckingass March 01, 2008
One of the only child actresses that rose above all of the throw-away pop garbage that we see all the time, drugs, and eating disorders and grew up to be a respectable and talented woman who has high hopes for her future and a strong well-being.
Amanda Bynes, unlike those Paris Hilton wannabees, is a talented person who cares about herself and her future.
by Mai Valentine August 02, 2009
the only female actor that has not done cocain

random person: hey amanda would you like some cocain?
amanda bynes; do i look like lindsey lohan?
by bonniemichelle February 20, 2009
A bisexual whore who cannot get a life without making someone feel bad so overall a complete bastard
Girl 1: did you see that girl
Girl 2: must have been an amanda bynes
by jaytc July 01, 2014
A beautiful and talented girl who is currently battling a mental illness. The public has been mocking her and making a joke out of her illness, instead of urging her to get help which I find to be very sad.
Amanda Bynes needs as much support as she can get right now.
by lost_ November 12, 2013

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