A hot, short, little asian who is sooo wrong but is a really good friend
my best friend is such an Alyzza!!
by ye11ow December 09, 2011
Top Definition
Can be quiet at some times,but very cool to hang around. She has a short temper and hates being bossed around. She is a great person to look up to,and will be there if you need company. She makes a good leader,but wants to work solo sometimes. She will make sarcastic remarks at mean people under her breath. And is very much a book worm,her favorite places to shop is Walmart and Barnes & Noble. She dresses simply and never tries to stand out. Music is her life she'll listen to it whenever and wherever she can. She has an amazing singing voice,able to play a few keys on the piano,and trying to teach herself how to play guitar. She is terrified of SlenderMan.
She is so curious about other people,but at the same time can easily read them. She loves to learn new things about her friends and see them do different talents. Her best friends have been with her since she was little,and never has other best friends without the consultancy of her best friends.
Alyzza is a great role model for other people!
by Binheardnvrcn October 11, 2012
When Alyzza fought she looked amazing,she had a whole strategy planned out.
by Amazquotes October 23, 2012
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