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Elite members of society who belong to a conspiratorial organization which attempts to control world affairs. A central tenet of the group is a belief that aliens and/or governmental organizations want to read their minds or control them using electromagnetic "brain-rays," and that such attempts are blocked by covering one's head with aluminum foil.
Why didn't the doctor let us talk about UFOs until we put on tin foil hats? He's one of the Aluminati.
#illuminati #tin foil hat #ufo #cia #nsa #fbi #alien
by Smart as Shat September 02, 2010
Top Definition
n. A group of people that believe Illuminati are watching them, and wear aluminum hats to protect themselves from radio waves trying to read their brain.
The Aluminati knew the Illuminati were watching him as his hat was vibrating.
#illuminati #aluminati #hat #conspiracy #death
by jooe15 October 26, 2014
a parody to the word 'illuminati', aluminati represents an alumnus or an alumni group that makes large financial contributions to the betterment of the institution it is from.
The funds that were required to complete this student project, was donated entirely by the Aluminati
#contribution #alumni #college #institution #university #donation #funding
by lemurrific February 15, 2015
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