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A half-black bullshit filled alien-dragon fusion. Aka Alien Penis, Alucunt, Alulu-chan Flufferbuttums, Alubitch, and Alurage. A rather idiotic subspecies that enjoys raging over everything, nonstop, for no goddamned reason at all, and whom also believes he has the biggest e-dick in creation.
Example: 104Quote 3610: <Kat> you should have respect for ANYONE telling you to stop doing something. <Alucroas> BITCH WHORE JACKAS MOTHERFUCKING COCK SUCKING FUCKZILLA NIGGERISH LITTLE CUM FACE PORCH MONKEY <Alucroas> RUN NOW <Alucroas> EVERYONE <Alucroas> LEAVE ¤ Parts: Alucroas ( ¤
by Psyudonhym December 13, 2010
A fucking moron.

An idiot with a god-complex

Fucking retard

All of the above
Dude, that guy Eric's an alucroas
by audius December 14, 2010
Retard; Idiot; Failure; Socially-challenged; fuck-up; small dick
LOL dude you're such an Alucroas!
by simplicityx December 14, 2010
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