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Slammed on alprazolam also known as Xanax. While intoxicated one doesn't really care about much, does bizarre things, sleeps a lot, but has fun doing it. Blackouts are common especially in higher doses. Xanax is badass and I suggest trying it.
Last night Bob took 5 xanax bars over the course of the night and in the morning he woke up with all types of food scattered around his bed and his barbeque grill in his bathtub. Man, was he alprazoslammed. I'm cuttin him off at 2 bars next time.

Hey I heard Andrew just got 500 xanax bars in the mail. We're all gettin alprazoslammed tonight. Better hide your valuables.
by the alprazoslammed March 10, 2009
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to get whacked out on alprazolam, a benzodiazepine class drug.
Xanax is one of many brand names for this drug.
Me: Glenn, what'd you do last night?

Glenn: Me and my lady got alprazoslammed and went swimming.

me: cool.
by mister burnt February 27, 2007
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