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A shortened way of saying "alphabetical arrangement" or "way of placing words in alphabetical order" or "alphabetical arranging" or "alphabetical placement" or so on...
Dane: You guys are pretty funny roaming around Coles yelling out MAADDDDDYYYY
Star: Well yeah we are absorbing, adorable, agreeable, alluring, amiable, angelic, appealing, attractive, awesome, bewitching, captivating, charismatic, charming, choice, cute, cuddly, delectable, delightful, desirable, enamoring, enchanting, engaging, enthralling, entrancing, fascinating, fetching, friendly, genial, infatuating, likable, lovable, lovely, magnetic, mesmerizing, pleasant, rapturous, ravishing, seductive, sweet, tantalizing, tempting, titillating, people. w00t go my alphabeticalness
by PrettyStarFury April 01, 2008