A professional and social sorority for engineering and cs majors. The girls are very smart and down to earth. Although they are sought after by intelligent, witty, and otherwise attractive young men their primary goal in college to get a degree, not a husband. And hey, you can't spell awesome without AOE.
Guy 1: "Your thermo tutor is gorgeous, is she a Zeta?"
Guy 2: "Heck no, she's an Alpha Omega Epsilon."
by Vallory Raye April 24, 2011
Top Definition
A social and professional sorority. These girls know how to keep it classy. They are well rounded and sweet. They are intelligent as well as beautiful. They work hard and they know how to have fun/party. They are the best girls to bring home to mom and they are the definition of modern women.
OoOoO...who is that girl?
-She is an Alpha Omega Epsilon girl...an A.O.E. girl.
Damnnnnnnnnn...she is fine.
by Dancer09sofine March 13, 2009
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