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“Classy KD Ladies”, due to their admirable values. AKD ladies keep it classy. Conservative, yet sexy; fun, yet serious; beautiful, yet modest. Most commonly found in colors green and white, they will awe you with their presence…one of the hardest sororities to get into, Kappa Delta is an envied Greek organization. Initiation into AKD is an honor. Classy and poised, yet fun and sexy. Kappa Delta leads the Greek scene on any campus…The most competitive and intense sorority to pledge for. The classiest & prettiest girls you'll ever meet, with the highest GPAs...what more can you ask for? What every guy wants and what every girl wishes she could be. They have the most philanthropies of any sorority and take pride in everything they do. The KDs are the best girls, and represent almost every part of their university. Incredibly diverse, and may look like the girl-next-door at first, but underneath sexy and fierce…If you want a true lady, go for a KD. They fight to win. Everything you could want and more…Work and play harder than any other group and look good doing it. An AKD function is the place to be…Known for being the "Beautiful People" at the most prestigious universities, KDs are socialites, Fulbrights, and more than stereotypical sorority girls—they’re hot, rich, and smart. A top sorority that is typically filled with the crazy-hot girls. They'll drink you under the table, yet still keep that fratastic class. They’re low drama, but high impact.
A popular KD quote- "You only live once, but if you live like we do, once is enough!" “Some girls are pretty, some girls just smart, but it takes a KD lady to win a fella's heart. Some girls are tan, and some girls got dough, but when you want the best looking? KD’s where you go. Girls will be girls, north, south, east, west; but ALPHA KAPPA DELTA GIRLS are definitely the best. To any guy who reads this and truly wants to know...If you have a KD lady...never let her go!” “If you’re with a KD lady, raise your hand. If you’re not….raise your standards!”
by KDLadyLove March 07, 2010
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