Alpha Gamma Rho (ΑΓΡ) is a social-professional fraternity in the United States, with 72 university chapters. Though primarily a social organization, its members pride themselves on their affiliations to the life sciences and agricultural sciences. Alpha Gamma Rho is the largest Social Professional Fraternity in the United States.
Allie: What is the best fraternity in the world?
Pepin: Oh, definitely Alpha Gamma Rho!
by Eleanor Champison May 18, 2008
Top Definition
Quite possibly the best fraternity in the United states. AGR has the best parties, the best brothers and gets the finest ladies. All criticism directed towards Alpha Gamma Rho is pure jealousy.
Girl 1: Hey are you going to that Pike party tonight?
Girl 2: Hell no, I don't want to watch a bunch of guys have an orgy, I am going to alpha gamma rho for a good time!
by Eleanor Champison May 18, 2008
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