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When You Try your Hardest to win on all-madden, this is called all-madden bullshit. When your QB throws 6 INT'S One Game, Your RB Only gets 2 yards a play, The CPU Wide Reciever Catches every f*cking pass, The CPU QB Completes every F*cking pass, Etc Etc

P.S: This is only intended as a joke for pissed off all-madden users that constantly lose like me when The CPU Is doing less work and The User is doing all of the work.
Ex 1: Oh WTF Dude! That's my 4th INT. ALL-MADDEN BS!
EX 2: Damnit! Frank Gore Running over Javon Kearse. ALL MADDEN BS!
Ex 3: Holy Crap I'm Actually winning 7 to nothing on All-Madden! NOOOOOO! Kenny threw an INT at the goal line and they ran it back for six?!? ALL-MADDEN BS!

All-Madden Bullshit
by BigBusinessAllDay September 18, 2009
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