butting in business that doesn't involve u
And my mom was like all up in my shit last night on why i got home so late
by a person December 13, 2003
Top Definition
to be in somebodys business
Stop being all up in my shit

Teachers are always all up in your shit
by Nacka December 13, 2003
An officious intrusion (commonly verbal)
"Why don't you do this that way."
-"Dude, you're all up in my shit"
by Matt Lewis December 08, 2003
someones all up in your business, trying to tell you how to do things
you should do it like this
-How you go'n to be all up in my shit!?
by D!CK January 23, 2004
Utterance, commonly made by someone who intrudes on another in the bathroom
Person 1: Dude, you got corn chunks all up in your shit.
Person 2: Don't you ever knock?
by Jrizzle December 17, 2004
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