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awl -sawrt -uhv, ov; unstressed uhv or, especially before consonants, uh-bohnd -uhp

- The act of boning up in an assortment of ways.

- A surefire way to make sexting awkward
- You penis going up in a hypothetical matter by replacing it with a bone, bone up.
- Hitting jade from behind
- Jade cooking in a skirt
- Jade putting her FEET, YES FEET, NOT LEGS on his shoulder (be cautious about ripping down a shower curtain.)
- Asking Jade if shes wet (even in the shower)
- The thought of Jade willing to try anything

Used in actual conversation:
"May 27Jade
well i'd wear a skirt for you
i'd probably wear a lot of things for you

May 27Scott
well thank you
you're getting me all sorts of boned up "
by REALPaRqUeT September 07, 2011
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