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They are the cutest couple in the history of couples. They are so cute that everyone wants to be them, when they get in a couple. Deon is so beast, sweet, cute, and funny. But then Alissa is sweet, pretty, brave, understanding, amazing. So as a couple they are perfect for each other!
D'aaawwh that couple is so perfect for each other, they most be Alissa and Deon!
#deon #alissa #cutest #funny #stupid #retarded #ugliest
by Katylaman! February 12, 2011
Alissa and Deon are the cutest couple around! They are perfect for each other. Deon is a sexy beast and Alissa is really sweet and understanding. Alissa is cute, funny, smart, understanding, cool, HOT. Deon is beast, HOT, cool, funny, amazing, and perfect for Alissa!
Person 1: Look at those to love birds!
Person 2: What are there names?
Person 1: Alissa and Deon
Person 2: I knew it!
#deon #alissa #cutest #funny #stupid #retarded #ugliest
by mandeer February 12, 2011
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