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A girl who comes off as coneited or narcistic. Wears questionable clothing in the summer time and think she is "all that" however once she is get to be known she is actually the most lovable person ever. Times will come when one is sad or lonely and then Alisa Kim will be there to comfort them. "somewhat" Alisa Kim likes to eat alotiods by the packs, it might seem wierd but she actually enjoys to share them. Alisa Kim is wierd in her own way, but that is what makes her so fun to be with. A smart girl, great at the cello and enjoyable to be around. <3 Also loves a guy named Chris
Chris asked alisa Kim, "do you think your going to get asked to Homecomeing?"
Alisa Kim responded, "OFCOURSE"
Chris said, "do you think your pretty or something?"
Alisa Kim responded, "I know im Cute."
by Celloguy123 January 10, 2013