well alicia keys is pretty soulful and original, is definatley an insperational to all. you know you love her!
me: so did u cop that new album by alicia keys yet?
you: yes ths woman is UNBREAKABLE!
by the one and only! December 07, 2005
Alicia Keys isthe Most Beautiful Woman to Grace the Face of The Earth.... all of you that say bad things about her are jealous. Please!!!! dont hate her because shes wayyyyyyyyy much better than much of you girls will be and wayyyy much better than all your girlfriends will be.

Beautiful Voice, Great Talente, Great Body....and oh yeah a hundred million times better than Beyonce!
If you want to see a real beautiful woman just look at Alicia Keys.
by Chri$ a.k.a Chyno January 16, 2006
Best singer in the entire world! Lives to do what she loves best which is singing her heart out
Friend to me: hey did you hear alicia keys new song no one? I heard she has an album out real soon.
Me to friend: No one is an amazing song and the "As I Am" Album is out November 13th!
by AKmusiclover November 09, 2007
1) A beautiful, talented multi platinum R&B artist with ten plus Grammys under her belt.
2) A girl who is pretty, but lacks demure qualities and is rough around the edges due to their street nature.
3) A beautiful woman who could have any man in the world, but would rather have another woman's husband as well as write an 'unthinkable' song about it.
1) Oh she plays the piano? I see you Alicia Keys!
2) She has a pretty face, but she has shoulders like Randy Moss and talks like DMX. You know, like Alicia Keys. 3)That girl has got it going on. She is pregnant by a married man. She could have anybody in the world, but she'd rather be a homewrecker! At work we call her Alicia Keys.
by chezpoodle! November 28, 2010
Code word for weed. Most commonly used to describe a marijuana strain called AK47.
Dude, you got that Alicia Keys today
Yeah I got an eighth from Kevin, we can smoke it after class
by BossmanO May 04, 2011
A homewrecker and a hypocrite. Someone who write songs about womens independant and empowerment and then goes out and sleep with a married man (Swizz beatz ) and is pregnant with his child causing the divorce of the mention married man and his wife (Moshanda). She may be attractive and talented but shes also a skanky ho.
Jamal: Yo whos that skanky ho that goes around spreading her legs for married men?

Leshawn: Oh thats Alicia keys fo sho!
by Azusazus June 25, 2010
lol she is dead. big deal
"alicia keys died"
by Goatseking April 01, 2007

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