A generic species of camel shaggers. Those that go by the subgroup of Keshmand and be identified by that characteristic sticky hands and an unhealthy obsession of strange animations which frequently feature obscene hand movements. Members of the Keshmand group come in 2 distinct builds (short and wide with permanent lenses or of average height, thin with temporary lenses) but share the same lack of life and time spent jerking over PCs, Macs, PSPs, DSa and other computer related jargon although the short and wide type will spend 90% more time uttering the foul rubbish known as bullshit.
Me: Why is your hand sticky?
Ali: I was watching Naruto.

Ali: (to some random guy) I know more Dragonball characters than you
Random Guy: I have a life

Beg friend: Whats up?
Ali: I have downloaded all the Pokemon episodes ever created, it taken 38 gig of my hard drive.
Beg friend: Right, Whats up?

Ali: (to nerd) I know more about photoshop than you.
Nerd: (silenced)
by Kocker May 19, 2007
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A Best Friend, someone that you know you can always rely on through anything and everything. you know that your ali wont ever desert you and will always be there for you to talk to, you can tell your ali absolutely anything. Your ali should only be YOUR ali if you can trust them with your life, if you would do anything for them and if they mean the world to you, a best friend that you couldn't live without and who you never want to loose.
1: "Am i your ali?"
2:"no, only ali is my ali" ;)

by ScotiaB.X July 05, 2008
An awesome person. Doesn't need to be a male can also be female. Someone who is always up to do anything for a laugh and is nice, caring and HOT ontop of that. Don't just call ya mates Ali, pick out a random from the street, nudge ya mate and let em know ya laid ya lucky eyes on an Ali!
Ben - Yo man did you check that chick?
Greg - What the blonde hottie?
Ben - Yeah god what a fucking Ali
Greg - Shit yeah. Agreed
by Johnno211 July 12, 2006
a extremely hot young woman. very thin, and very curvy. nice hips, ass, and chest. amazing in bed. always excites her partner. the girl next door that every guy wants.
guy 1:"how hot was that girl you banged"
guy 2:"man she was a total ali"
guy 1:"luckyy!!!"
by sexybiznitch April 17, 2009
the sexiest man on the planet, someone you go to for advice when you need help with your sex life. The Love Guru, tall, dark, and handsome. Amazing athlete and someone who you can always trust.
me and my girlfriend are having sex problems. lets go see the love Guru Ali habibi
by bubz23 December 18, 2010
Amazing girl who will always keep you laughing no matter what. She may seem shy at first, Get to know her, She's really cool. She tends to bring heyself down often, so you should be there to help her and make her feel better. She may argue, but she usually ends up making a joke out of the arguement or, will apologize.
Boy 1: "Have you met Ali?"
Boy 2: "Yeah, She's cool."
Boy 3: "You kidding? She's amazing!"
Boy 1: "What I thought exactly"
by Stellarrrrr >3 June 03, 2011
Young, Hot, Amazing Abe's, got Swag, Baller, Want to be with him, Chicks Love him, Arrival makes people go Wild, Sexy, HOT, Smart, Athletic, Unstoppable in Basketball, and ETC.
1) Ali: Hey!
2) Girl: Lets go to my place.
3) Ali: What?
4) Girl: You HURD ME!!!

5) LEHZ GOOO!!!!
by BATTA24 March 29, 2011
the most awesome guy you can ever meet. makes everyone laugh like crazy. says he's a total asshole but is actually a pretty nice guy. an awesome friend but make sure you don't friendzone him cause he is just freaking amazing.yeah, he already fucked half the girls on the planet. and i bet they totally enjoyed it.
girl 1: omg , i miss ali so bad..he's just amazing!
girl 2: oh yeah, totally.. ali is just the most awesome guy i've ever met!
by kittyandboo January 11, 2012

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