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the most amazing and the most beautiful girl i have ever seen, she is that best at everything and she is absolutely positively the most amazing person i have ever metttt! i fucking love her with all my heart, i could never let this girl walk out of my life if i tried, she is the most amazing.... she is honest, she just don't give a fuck Wat other people say, she can woop some ass so back the fuckk up! XD she is a great person tho, she is the most amazing person i will everrrr meet! i love you Alexis Hockensmith! =)
love, the boy that will always love you everyday of your life,
Mother Fuckin

Silva! =)
I love you girl!

=) <3
Amazing, and the most beautiful girl ever to walk this world!

( Alexis Hockensmith )
I love you! =)

by Cris Silva! March 05, 2010
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