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Alexia is a girl who ranges from a 7-8.5 on a 1-10 scale depending on whether or not she's being a faggit that day or not. She hiccups for no reason. It used to be annoying but its kinda cute now cuz she bounces when she does it. Shes got manly legs and even manlier shoulders. Alexia is pretty cool, even compared to her younger more attractive sister ;) but Alexias are really fun, and wild. If you find one, keep it.
If your ever planning on hanging out in a boring ass basement for 16 hours straight, do it with an Alexia. Time will fly bro.
by iaminsanelyhot March 25, 2012
Alexias like to make wierd noises and are considered little divas.
Piss off Alexia, stop being such a Diva
by duration February 11, 2010
A super attractive ginger that is easily annoyed by people named chris. *cough hint cough*

Alexias are generally skinny but eat 4 times as much as the average person.

Alexias are quite fond of rice cakes, brushettas, and margarita pizza.
"DAMN that Alexia is fine."
by Dr. Phillius August 12, 2008
a soulless ginger who is mean and has no friends!
Unlike Grace, Alexia does not get any tacos.
by she knows who cjh November 30, 2011
A very sweet yet annoying girl. She is very pretty and has the most amazing brother. Alexias usually make very wierd noises. They also usually have very oily hair.

I sat next to an Alexia on the bus today
by Claridges May 28, 2008