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A girl who is funny, playful, beautiful, and overall caring. She has an undying loyalty to her friends and she will protect anyone close to her. You have to be a real ass to stay on her bad side. Be careful if you do, because she can hurt you. Underneath it all, she has a bleeding heart and she's more of a romantic than she let's on. Although she seems tough (and she is), she's a sweetheart down to the core. She just knows that people will betray her; you need to pay attention to her. She may seem mysterious, but that's because she has an intrigue about her that makes you overthink everything. She's a rare treasure. If you find an Alexandra/Alex, don't let her slip away. You're luckier than you think.
Whoa, she's such an Alexandra/Alex!
by RaptureLyricist16 June 01, 2010
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A very beautiful girl with the perfect smile. Usually blonde with the most amazing eyes. She is often mistaken as a slut only because she's so outgoing and all the guys want to talk to her. She has a perfect body, but is super insecure about the smallest things even when people remind her that she is perfect. She has a laugh that can leave a smile on any persons face. You can't help but smile every time you're around her. She's very honest with people and lets them know exactly what she thinks. She is just an all around amazing person.
Justin: wow look at that blonde girl flirting with all those guys. She's probably just a slut.

Jake: I think she's pretty and she has a nice ass. Her name is probably Alexandra/alex
by Anonymous somebody January 01, 2013

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