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The most beautiful man in the world. He is the most caring, loving, incredible, sexy, beautiful, handsome, most angelic, special man in the whole world. His mindset is the best mindset anyone could ever have. He is very future oriented where he knows what he wants in life and he will go get it. He is my everything. <3 His eyes are the most beautiful things in the world. Whenever you look into them, you see you. For you. The one who he truly loves. He makes you be yourself no matter what. He is the only person who loves me for me and not anyone else. He is always there for me and I love him with all of my heart and I always will. His nose ist he most adorable and cutest thing i have ever seen. I kiss it. <3 His ears are also the cutest things ever. His lips... Kissing them is like going to heaven. If thats even comparable. Being in his arms is the greatest thing you could ever imagine. Whenever you are in his arms, It is like you feel soo loved. So perfect. So wanted. Needed. Everything that you have ever wanted is in him and everything he has ever wanted is in you. I know that I am his forever and only his. And I know that he will be mine and only mine forever. He is literally perfect.
What's your name?

Oh Ashley Marie Hahn.
So you are married to Alexander Jaime Hahn?
Fuck yes.
by MrsHahn April 28, 2013
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