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A nice quaint town in East-Central Alabama which offers many things to do from going to Lake Martin or shopping downtown. To top of the many things to do there are also many parades and Friday night football games. Education is also excellent and so is the football team, cheerleaders, and the marching band.
"Hey, have you seen the marching band?"

"Yeah were you there at the parade?"

"Of course, then I went to the lake."

"Man I never thought Alexander City had this much to offer."
by Marching Trumpet November 17, 2011
A black-hole town in east central Alabama.
"You from Alexander City? Man, how'd you get out?"
by RitaFaye September 03, 2008
A very small town in eastern alabama were there is nothing to do, so everyone gets fucked up.
Reece: dude alexander city is so boring.

Caleb: Yeah i know forreal, i hate 'Alexshitty'.... lets get fucked up!
by RANDC March 16, 2011