beautiful guy who has a fine collection of retro shirts that most of the time wears undone.
lead singer of the band Franz Ferdinand.
you will know when to see him if you catch a handsome man with a stripey shirt trousers and a guitar strumming away in his hands whilist singing in a microphone
by maddy June 29, 2004
He has the best voice i have ever heard. He is a sexy boy and has lovely cheek bones and makes the band look so ugly b/c he takes in all the hotness. He wears the coolest shirts and i love his sunglasses. He is the sexy lead singer of the glasgow band, Franz Ferdinand. They currently have one album but they're working on the next one!
Alex is tall,pale, and handsome.
by marj13 August 05, 2004
Alexander Paul Kapranos Huntley
Alex Kapranos

Born in March 20,1972 in Almondsbury, Gloucestershire
When he was 17 he went to Univercity of Aberdeen, then went to the Univercity of Strathclyde,to study theology.
He worked as A Chef , A Bartender , A teacher,a welder
He played in The Amphtemeanies , The Yummy Fur , The Karelia


Lead singer


Evil But Wonderful

The Gentleman of the Band

Favorite Color: Orange

His tall has brown blonde hair white is married and is 33 years old
Oh and he agrees with socialist!
by Lieselotte Hiler January 17, 2005

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