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Group of people from CTY LAN who appeared during 2001, and sat in the alcove of Dining Room 1. Responsible for the through continuation of most Lancasterian traditions, such as bathrobe wearing on Thursdays. Exiled from the Alcove in 2002 thanks to the Salad Bar Coup (the protest was broken up by RA's who insisted that we must sit in chairs in the cafeteria). Became the Alcove in Exiled Squared in 2004 when the cafeteria shut down due to construction, and dining facilities were moved to the ASFC. The "status" of this groups as either simply a group of firends, or an organized institution, is a never-ending debate.
Cya in the Alcove for lunch!
Note to all: I love the Passionfruit.
by The French Girl January 03, 2005
The group of CTYers who carry on the essential traditions of Lancaster.
Hey, that girl, Maddie Morrison*, is an alcove.
*A prominent alcove. Last year: 2003
by free2chink March 02, 2005
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