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1. A college preparatory school located in the Albuquerque area.

2. A fortress located deep in the desert. Features many flights of stairs, arches, and secret underground tunnels.

3. A school for nerds who built pvc cannons when they're supposed to be doing homework.
Yeah, He's an albuquerque academy kid
by Seph Infinitum February 15, 2009
1. Common stereotype/ misconception: A snotty rich-kid private school, on a 10,000 acre campus filled with Asian nerds who have no social life and don't have any fun or sex.

2. What it actually is: A college prep grades 6-12 school with brick buildings on an attractive, leafy, large campus in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Highly regarded by colleges and Albuquerque residents, usually; with successful alumni and effective teaching skills. Superior academics, sports teams and competitive clubs make this school highly ranked in Albuquerque.
Pedro: Aw, man, no, ese! Don't go to Albuquerque Academy for high school! Don't you want a social life???
by albuquerque July 25, 2012
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