a beautiful girl, total godess
you either love her or hate her
loving, caring, trustworthy, an awesome friend, perfect girlfriend
believes in destiny. The sweetest bitch
Knows how to party, but isn't too focused on it, she has her own goals in life
That girl is hot, she's a total albina.
by Ja$0n May 23, 2010
Top Definition
A sex goddess and beauty queen. Makes men turn heads. Lives life to the fullest and has no regrets. Loves her friends dearly and does anything for them.
What's that girls name?
She's so effin hot!
by dlm=) February 03, 2010
A male that is hot and attracts a lot of girls. An Albinas is nice, sweet, caring, and loving. Everyone always wants to be with him. He is also very sexy.
WOW! Look at that hottie! he MUST be Albinas
by Alexa Simpson November 02, 2011
When you are sat at work and you fart. But instead shit your pants. What some might say, 'a professional follow-through'.
"I did a massive Albinas in the office today"
by razattack January 09, 2014
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