Young; Fresh And Fly Always. This Chick Is The Badest Chick You'll Ever Meet. Doesn't Fall In Love Easily; But When She Does She Falls Hard. Good Friend; No Two Face. Enjoys Hanginn And Being Around The Boyfriend
Emma: Yo! Did you see that chick Alazias outfit last night at the party!?
Nicole: Yeah; She Was Fresh. & she was dancinn all over Clairs man. Shes a bad bitchh; I Wouldntt mess with her.
#alazia #layla #alizia #alezia #alazai
by d.n.a & k.p.k <3 June 22, 2010
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Top Definition
The best friend you could ever have. The one that has a odd sense of humor but thats why you gotta love her. The one thats laugh is contagious. The one that has a great smile. The quiet sweet one. The happy one.
Girl 1: Are you friends with Alazia?
Girl 2: Yeah DUH shes like my bestfriend!
#alazia #nice #sweet #happy #bestfriend
by Nikki090707 September 23, 2011
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