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A delicate expression of love in which a male releases into a female's ear canal. Once the viscous ejaculate has solidified, the female party proceeds to remove the wad of hard cum and ear wax, resembling nuggets of gold on the white Alaskan tundra.
"Excuse me Chelsea? I can't hear very well because Bernard was kind enough to give me an Alaskan Gold Rush last evening, and I am waiting for it to dry."
by Badfish41 June 03, 2008
When someone is sleeping, you ejaculate in thier ear in the morning when they pick it out, the color is white and yellow.
I gave jeff martin an alaskan gold rush last night
by brokencondom April 26, 2006
An Alaskan Goldrush is when a man urinates into a a person's asshole. For added effect, the person being pissed in should have explosive diahrea for an extra effect.

The person who was pissed in now craps out the piss along with his regular fecal matter. That part is where explosive diahrea can be used for an added effect.
Oh man I got drunk last night and made an Alaskan Goldrush with your sister.
by Jar Boy December 29, 2011
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