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An Alaskan Corndog is the act of having a person with diahrea shit into a cup roughly the same length as your erect penis. Then you shove your erect penis into the diahrea and then it is cut off and held in place by tape. Let it all freeze over night, in the morning shove a sharp stick in through the dick. You then have an Alaskan Corndog.
Oh man I hope I never have to eat an Alaskan Corndog.
by Jar Boy December 29, 2011
When a guy shits into a girls booty hole. The girl then shits his shit into another girls vagina. The guy then proceeds to have sex with the 2nd girl. Once he comes into her shit filled vagina, the 1st girl eats the shit and cum out of the 2nd girls vagina. This is closely related to the Alabama Hot Pocket.
Dude, last night me sharon and tanya did the sweetest alaskan corndog.
by Mister Marx May 18, 2009
When you have anal sex with you girlfriend and she defacates on your penis. When you pull out there are corn kernals on you penis.
After turkey dinner my girlfriend gave me an Alaskan Corn Dog
by Xorak April 02, 2008
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