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Right as you are about to seamen in your girlfriend's hairy vagina, pull your dick out and cum in her bush. This will create a model of an avalanche.
Last night, while i was banging Sherry, i totally gave her a gnarly Alaskan Avalanche.
by CuntMonster69 May 24, 2010

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When you cum on a girls face, slap her with your dick, and push her in a pile of snow
Frosty the Snowman liked to give Alaskan Avalanches to kids when their parents aren't looking
by mik297 September 22, 2009
Before busting a nut, you pull out and finish on her chest to where it runs down her boobs, just like an avalanche running down the mountain.
I was having sex with my girlfriend last night and I decided to mix it up so I gave her the Alaskan Avalanche.
by Alaskaman89 March 08, 2010